Greece #1 - Serifos and the Yellow Side B&B

Sometime last spring, we decided to make a late honeymoon in Serifos, Greece. We picked this island mostly because Ohad has been there a few years ago and always told me how beautiful it is. I had never been to Greece before and always wanted to visit, so it sounded like a great plan. And we were so right!

The island is a bit more than 2 hours away from Athens by ferry in the western Cyclades. Serifos is also called the island of the 1000 churches, although there is "only" about 300 of them. If you count that there is about 800 people leaving the whole year around on the island (the rest of the remaining 800 people are leaving during winter time), that makes 1 church for every 2.6 inhabitant, oh and i forgot to say that the island is 75.21 square kilometer big...You got the picture, lots and lots of beautiful white little churches with blue roofs. Till the 1960-ies, the island had busy iron mines. Then they probably shut down quite suddenly because on the southern part of Serifos, where the landscape is reddish-brown stone, there is rusty cars, bridges, rails and machines laying around aging slowly. I climbed up the hill to explore some of the ruins closer and was amazed to find some leather pouches and tools on the floor and wondering how fast the workers must have left to leave everything behind. On the top of hill above the port is the Chora - the traditional village, nested in the rock. When the sun goes down over Serifos, the last rays are always staying there a little longer, illuminating the Chora and making it shine while everything else is already welcoming the night.

Serifos is beautiful. But in the end what made our holiday truly amazing was Carolina and her Yellow Side B&B (link is in the bolded text). Her house is overlooking the bay and the harbour and has a small 2 room dependance, where we stayed. Everything about the Yellow Side is bright and warm and welcoming. The place is filled with calm good energy. The house is swallowing the sunlight and breathing with the waves. In the morning, Carolina makes delicious breakfast for her guests on the porch of her house (including the best lemon cake!). A lot of the things on the table are homemade or from local farmers that produce so much good stuff, like honey, chili, olives, cheese, capers, herbs, fruits. 

We rented a scooter and laid on the beach the whole day, just swimming, collecting beautiful stones, reading and doing nothing. Dolce far niente. Exactly what we needed. Yes, we are spoiled brats ;-)

Here are a few pictures for you: