That's it, a new year has started and so has another round of the 52 Project initiated by Jodi from practising simplicity.com. Thanks to the 52 Project i created Sparks & Sprout. When i scroll through the pictures that i took of Alva in the last 2 years, week after week, i am so grateful that i decided to join the project back then. I don't think i would have so many snapshots of our beautiful shared moments otherwise. So thanks Jodi for your idea, i am really excited about the next 52 weeks of 2016!

"A portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2016."

Alva: is singing the whole day. His song repertoire is almost as big as sabba avi's (who probably knows every hebrew children song there is). I am really bad at songs (basically i know 3 songs in french: "Frère Jacques", "Au clair de la lune" and "Sur le pont d'Avignon"). This morning, while i was dressing him, Alva and me sang (or shouted) "Frère Jacques" and then Alva straight continued to sing/shout: "Ani naki, ani sameach, ani naki, ani sameach, ani motek" (i am clean, i am happy, i am clean, i am happy, i am a sweetheart") really loud. Happy child, happy song, happy day!