"A portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2016."

Alva: From on wednesday, everyday Alva and me have the following conversation: Alva asks "imaa, hayom iom shishi" (ima is it friday today)? -"Non Alva, aujourd hui c'est mercredi, il faut dormir encore 2 fois jusqu'a ce que ce soit vendredi" (No Alva, today is wednesday, we need to sleep twice and then it's friday").

On friday morning the conversation goes like this: "imaa, hayom iom shishi" (ima is it friday today)? -"Oui, aujourd'hui c'est vendredi Alva". Alva asks "Az hayom ossim ambatiya?" (So today we are going to the bathtub?) -"Oui, aujourd'hui tu vas pas a la douche, tu peux aller dans la baignoire" (Yes, today you are not showering, you can go to the bathtub).

And Alva jumps up and down and screams "ieeeshhhh" and asks "achshav? efshar achshav ambatiya?" (now? can i go now in the bathtub?) -"Non, pas maintenant, ce soir" (No, not now, tonight) - "Ah, d'accord ima" (Ah, ok ima).

And in the evening...The highlight of his week.

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