Beautiful things #1

Since Alva’s birth we are getting a big amount of presents for him. To be honest, it is something I was nervous about even before he was born, to the point of having bad dreams about it. I felt we have to tell everyone that we are kind of special regarding presents for kids. Both Ohad and me are no fans of plastic toys and are favoring pale pastel and natural beige tones to the shrieking colors that are so common to toys designed for children. So we told everyone that we would be happy about toys made of wood or fabric and in general things in neutral colors. I felt kind of strange to give friends and family instructions about what presents to buy, but everyone was very understanding and took up the challenge. We got some really beautifully designed and/or very educational presents. Here are 5 items out of our favorites:

1. Bunny lamp (the porcelaine gives the entire room a beautiful very dimmed light. We usually leave it on at night.) available here:

2. Rattle (made of cornstarch) available here:

3. Storage bin (100% cotton, really cool to store toys, laundry ect.) available here:

4. Swaddles (made from muslin, they get softer with every wash) available here:

5. Wooden animals (every one of them is a little hand crafted jewel) available here:

How about you? Are you having trouble finding nicely designed and educational toys for your kids? What are your favorites? I am looking forward to read your suggestions and comments about this.