bike love

bike love #1 - Faggin bicycles

I am crazy about bikes. I mean i'm crazy about classic racing and fixed gear/single speed bicycles. I think bikes are sexy and i think that beautiful bikes make people that ride them sexy. I guess that's how others feel about horses, or about beautiful men riding horses (or both)...

When i see someone in the street passing me on an awesome bike, i can't stop staring...but back to the story...I bought my bike 5 years ago in an amazing store called cicli berlinetta, that is a wonderland for people like me (I mean, look at their homepage and you'll get chills of excitement). Dustin, the owner is the most knowledgable person i know when it comes to classic racing bicycles. And back then he sold me a little jewel. My bike is a chrome pink lady racing bike from the eighties with a hand welded frame from Faggin. Now maybe you don't know Faggin, so that's what this post is about.

Faggin is a family based, italian bicycle frame builder. The company was founded in 1945 by Marcello Faggin, a former cyclist. Back then, Faggin was focussing on international production as well as supporting cycling teams. Today, the company is not doing big productions anymore and is completely committed into hand building the best and most precise products they can. Faggin is one of the very few italian companies that are still producing handmade bicycles. Marcello's daughter Cristina, is currently the manager of the company and Massimo, her husband is the brain behind the frames.

In the eighties, Faggin had a genius painter, that came up with all kinds of crazy awesome things. I guess the chrome pink paint job of my bike is exactly from this time.

If you are into chrome bikes, you should probably look at this. it's absolute perfection. A dream.

 Now back to the "real world", here are some pictures of my awesome dear bike. I planed to rebuild it, but i never did. So this is the "before" state that is going to change hopefully soon. Also the frame is suffering from the proximity to the sea and the salt in the air. I am doing my best in trying to keep the rust away and the chrome intact (if anyone has some advice about this, please leave a comment at the bottom)...