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House of | dreams | of home # 2

Another way my dream house could look like: an awesome prefab house on a perfect piece of land. I lived in germany and switzerland for a long while where prefab houses are really popular. I always thought that this kind of house would definitely be one of the last options I would consider living in. They were just everywhere, and so ugly. I always thought of them as the perfect synonym of conformism.

Well, i had to review my judgment. There are some really great prefab houses out there and i would now most definitely consider this type of housing as a option…

Here are is an overview of my favorites…


Hedda Hytter

based in Norway, Hedda Hytter have the most beautiful wooden prefab houses I have ever seen. It’s embedding so nicely in Norway’s landscape and just from looking at the pictures on their homepage I get the feeling of cosiness and warmth. But i guess this type of construction is less suitable for the israeli heat…


The Loftcube

designed by Werner Aisslinger the loftcube offers a dialogue between the inside and the outside with its all-around windows. I mean, just imagine living in this cube, maybe with ocean view…just the right thing for romantic evenings sitting in the step of the window, letting the feet tangle from the edge while sipping a drink and listening to a nice tune. Beautifully designed, très cool and sexy but maybe less suitable for a young family with a small child… 


MO House

by FRPO Architects that took up the challenge of building a single family house in the middle of a forest. The trees are literally hugging this house. I love it. Also I really like the clear lines, the transparency and the very simple wooden walls. Perfect for the warm south, adaptable to every possible size and with incorporated indoor and outdoor playground for hide and seek.One more thing i really like about this house is the uniqueness of the space that was directly sketched by nature. There will never be two same houses. But that’s also the part that makes this project more costly than other options…


MIMA House

by Mima Architects. This house 36 sqm costs only as much as a family car. The interior can be partitioned according to the needs of the inhabitants and the space adapted in minutes. There is different sizes for the mima house, from 34 to 191 sqm. The mima house has good insulation, sun control and seismic performance which makes it a real dream house for us. The only downside is that the production site is located in Porto and that the shipping costs are probably astonomical. But it’s sooo perfect!


The simple idea of a prefabricated house makes me believe that one day we will have a beautiful house that is answering all our needs, wishes and dreams at a reasonable cost…

House of | dreams | of home # 1

Since Alva was born, I am longing for a house. I mean, I am dreaming of buying/building/renovating a house, I am feeling a deep need to create the ideal environment for my family to grow. Sometimes I feel that we will only arrive at the beginning of the start of a life together, when we will have this home i am dreaming of. Quite a strange thought, given the fact that we have been living as a family for more than a year in an apartment that I love in a place that I consider my home…Where is this need coming from?

I don’t have a specific image in my head when i think about our home. It’s an amorphic thought. But it always carries the same feeling. Warm, cozy and bright.

This fall we spent two weeks in a mobile home traveling spain. The freedom of sitting just outside of the door in the evening listening to the waves and looking at the stars, of getting up with an ocean view, of choosing every day to be exactly in this specific location and nowhere else…All these things made me feel so alive and happy.

And there it was…suddenly my dream house grew wheels.

Buying an old caravan and renovating it to fit the needs of our family and travel the world…

(Wagon in the woods read more about it here)

(airstream trailer by XS/LAAirstream Living from WEREHAUS)


beautiful and eco friendly: Leaf House


the classic trailer from Bohtlingk Architecture

and finally Chris and Malissa that built a dream home themselves…you should have a look at their awesome site. I am amazed!

I will keep on dreaming in the meanwhile…caus my dream is taking so many different shapes, and maybe our home will not have wheels after all…

Beautiful things #2

We have been spending the last two weeks renovating Alva’s room.

The only space in the house that could potentially work as a children’s room was our storage. A small crammed little thing, with an exit door to the backyard balcony (unfortunately there is no picture of the room in its initial state). Everyone we asked said that this room would never be a place for a child to grow in. But we stayed convinced that the space had a lot of potential. Crammed and small yes but with a very high ceiling and quite a nice view.

Ohad’s father helped us so much, we couldn’t have done it without him. He first moved the washing machine to the kitchen then Ohad and me took some time to go over everything there was in the room and throwing stuff (pic. 1). I feel that this was probably the biggest obstacle in the process: sorting out past memories, choosing whether they are worth keeping or not. Once the room was completely empty (pic. 2), we build in the gallery (pic. 3), fixed the door and took of the ugly iron bars from the window, filled the cracks in the walls with plaster, painted everything (pic. 4) and put the stuff we chose to keep on the gallery.

The room has a beautiful chessboard-tile floor but unfortunately nobody ever took care of it and despite all my efforts in scrubbing it with all sorts of tile-cleaning agents, I had to admit defeat. It just didn’t look good. So we got a wall to wall felt carpet as a first layer (pic. 5) and a very cosy darker carpet for the front part of the room.

We got a matress from Ohads sister and decided we didn’t want a crib with bars for Alva. We put the matress directly on the floor and will secure it with pillows on each side once he will spend the nights in his room (since I am still nursing him at night, this will take some more time. In the meanwhile he spends his afternoon nap there. pic. 6).

Ohad put some shelves up and I took some beautiful postcards from Jeanette Besmer to be the colorinspiration for the room. I bought two little boxes with acrylic glass cover and two boxes with a regular wooden cover and painted the backwalls in one of the colors featured in the postcards. Then I changed the unused covers into picture frames for the cards. (pic. 7 and 8)

I wanted the light in the room to be warm, so we transformed a simple basket from the market to be a ceiling lamp and once the lights turned on, there was this beautiful unplanned shadow play on the wall. (pic. 9)

The last touches were a fresh light blue curtain and a red paper guirland.

And there it is: Alvas beautiful cosy new room.

He loves to play on the carpet and to look out at the trees in the garden.