Creative Afternoon #1

I wanted to create something nice for the white wall space in Alva’s room. The main criteria were budget and educational.

I have been reading about Montesory education lately and I like their approach of learning through ordering and classifying objects, so I wanted to go in this direction with my project. Alva’s room has a lot of natural elements and I decided it should be something with shells. A few years ago I saw some really nice art pieces made with shells by Peter Greenaway. I took it as my inspiration, collected some shells on one of our beach walks, ordered them by sizes and from darker to lighter color and glued them on a painted wood board.


I love the result. We hung it in the kitchen for a while to look at it.

Detailed diy:

You could make this picture with any objects that you find nice. (Please make sure that small objects don’t come off if you have small children that tend to put everything in their mouth).

1. Take a piece of wood (I found mine in our backyard), sandpaper it a little and cut it to be 38x29 cm.

2. Collect 20 shells of different sizes and colors

3. Mesure 1cm on each side from the edge of the board

4. Tape those 1cm over (it will keep the space of getting painted and will give us some frame-like feel)

5. Paint the whole surface with diluted white acrylic paint. The wood structure should still be visible. It’s best to make a few tests on an other small piece of wood to check the water/color balance and that you like the result before starting to paint on your board.

6. Once the paint dry, take the masking tape of the edges (don’t worry if the edges are not really exact, I think it gives the picture a nice touch)

7. Measure were to put your shells. Just do a little mark on the spots, don’t mark the dotted lines. The spots will give you the place where to center each of the shells.

8. Glue the shells on the board (I used a hot glue pistol). Fix a picture hanger on the backside.