House of | dreams | of home # 1

Since Alva was born, I am longing for a house. I mean, I am dreaming of buying/building/renovating a house, I am feeling a deep need to create the ideal environment for my family to grow. Sometimes I feel that we will only arrive at the beginning of the start of a life together, when we will have this home i am dreaming of. Quite a strange thought, given the fact that we have been living as a family for more than a year in an apartment that I love in a place that I consider my home…Where is this need coming from?

I don’t have a specific image in my head when i think about our home. It’s an amorphic thought. But it always carries the same feeling. Warm, cozy and bright.

This fall we spent two weeks in a mobile home traveling spain. The freedom of sitting just outside of the door in the evening listening to the waves and looking at the stars, of getting up with an ocean view, of choosing every day to be exactly in this specific location and nowhere else…All these things made me feel so alive and happy.

And there it was…suddenly my dream house grew wheels.

Buying an old caravan and renovating it to fit the needs of our family and travel the world…

(Wagon in the woods read more about it here)

(airstream trailer by XS/LAAirstream Living from WEREHAUS)


beautiful and eco friendly: Leaf House


the classic trailer from Bohtlingk Architecture

and finally Chris and Malissa that built a dream home themselves…you should have a look at their awesome site. I am amazed!

I will keep on dreaming in the meanwhile…caus my dream is taking so many different shapes, and maybe our home will not have wheels after all…