Rotraut Susanne Berner

kids books #1 - Rotraut Susanne Berner's Four Season Books

My mother is a children's books collector. I remember as a child, there was a cupboard, out of our reach, full with her favorite books. We were allowed to read them but just one at the time and with special care. My favorite one was with God, Adam and Eve and i remember that God was old, had a long beard and was sitting on a cloud. Somehow it fascinated me, God seemed a very cool guy and paradise the place to be. I really liked the illustrations as well.

As an adult, I never gave much thought about children's books till Alva started being interested by them. Now i could not imagine our family without our books. We read at least one book per day and i enjoy a good children's book just as much as Alva does. I am also aware of how influential the books that we read to our kids are for them. I guess i am not the only adult that remembers details from pages of a story i looked at more than 30 years ago. Our favorite four books at the moment are the seasons books by Rotraut Susanne Berner. They are just genius. We read them probably at least 20 times each and we are still discovering new details and new stories.

The series consists of 5 books (4 seasons plus the "night book"). Each book tells a continuous story along the pages with the same characters. The characters evolve through the 5 books and of course the surroundings change according to the seasons. The illustrations are beautiful, detailed, funny and creative. Often Alva discovers details first. He can stay for a long time just watching the pages by himself and then coming to me and showing me something new he found. "Tirii ima hachatul ve ha souris" (look ima, the cat and the mouse). 

If you ask me, the perfect christmas present for a 3 year old!

Below you can see one of the story lines from the "Winter Book" where Manfred looses his wallet and key and Ina finds it. A few pages later she gives the wallet and the key back to their owner. You will also notice if you look carefully, that the snow fall gets denser on every page.


The series is available in many languages.

In German the books were published by Gerstenberg Verlag: "Winter-Wimmelbuch" ISBN: 978-3-8369-5033-6, "Frühlings-Wimmelbuch" ISBN: 978-3-8369-5057, "Sommer-Wimmelbuch" ISBN: 978-3-8369-5082-4, "Herbst-Wimmelbuch" ISBN: 978-8369-5101, "Nacht-Wimmelbuch" ISBN: 978-8369-5199-9. All ISBN numbers are referring to the carton page edition in format 34 x 26 cm.