childhood games

just saying...#13

...the funniest game to play with Alva: HIDE AND SEEK.

It goes like this:

Alva, Ohad and me are sitting in Alva's room upstairs. We agree that Alva would be the one hiding and we would go and look for him.


Alva is tromping down the stairs shouting the numbers with us...4...5...6...

then we hear him run and shout...7...8...IMA, ABBA ANI BA DOUCHE (mom, dad i am in the shower)

we keep on counting (caus it's forbidden to stop before ten)...9...10...ON ARRIVE...ANACHNU BAIM (we are coming)

a little person in the shower shouts: PO, PO, PO...ANI PO (here, here, here i am here)

so we enter the bathroom and look everywhere, under the sink, in the bath tub, behind the towels

and then the little voice shouts: LO, LO IMA, ABBA, ANI PO... (no, no, no mom, dad, i'm here)

so we give up searching where he is not. It's one of the best things ever to pull back the curtain of the shower and to see him in the corner against the wall, jumping up and down in excitement, because finally finally,