kazuo iwamura

kids books #2 - Kazuo Iwamura's Hooray for Snow!

Japanese illustrators...i mean, what else is there to say? The precision, the details, the technique, the stories, everything is just perfection. My mom is currently visiting, and of course she bought a bunch of children books in french for Alva. I completely fell in love with Kazuo Iwamura's Hooray for Snow! (Vive la neige! in french). It is so cute and charming and while reading to Alva, i often had to stop, just to look at the pictures a little longer, making Alva protest: "Nu ima, tesapri" (Come on ima, continue telling the story).

The small book tells the story of 3 squirrel children that want to play with their slide in the snow and manage to convince their - at first- skeptical father and mother to join them.

Kazuo Iwamura takes his inspiration from the nature surrounding his work studio and he got famous with his illustrations of books about the adventures of a mouse family. I found this nice video where he tells a bit more about the way he works and the message he wants to pass on to the children that read his books.

We for sure will look for more of those precious books illustrated by him.

The book is available in many languages.

In French the book was published by Mijade: "Vive la neige!" ISBN: 9782871425021  format 25 x 25 cm.