The 52 Project 2017... 1-5/52 (January)

Seems like this year i am kind of late for starting the 52 Project, oops. I have to admit i kind of found it really challenging last year to keep up with the rhythm of one picture a week since i have an anti-iphone child that starts making funny faces as soon as i tap the camera icon on the screen. Good thing that is...gets me to put away my phone and focus on the real thing. But it also means i am running short of portraits. One of the big projects for this year is to get this DSLR cam i have been dreaming about for so long. I am not giving up on the hope that a fast shutter would outrun alva's attempts to "sabotage" my pictures.

So here it is, the 52 Project 2017, a bit different than in the past years. Without pushing it to one picture a week, maybe sometimes with one picture a month only and some more texts...

1-5/52 (January)

"A portrait of my son, (ideally) once a week, every week, in 2017."

Alva: January has been a really cold month, specially when you don't have heating...we've spent most of our evenings wrapped up in blankets, wearing hats and thick socks. Alva is allowed to watch 30 minutes of cartoons in french before going to bed. His absolute favorites is "Mouk". It's a cartoon about a bear and a cat that do a bike tour around the world and are telling their friends about their adventures by video conference. Each chapter is located in a different country and is showing some special cultural aspect of that place. Amazingly fresh, smart and educational. Ohad and me are big fans, just as much as Alva is. Although Mouk is originally french, it is available in english as well. Here is the link to the english youtube channel (click on bolded text for link)

Here is one of alva's favorite episode...