slow living

just saying... #9

...everything is WRONG about this add:

I believe that there is a lot of strength in slowing down. I deeply admire people that are capable of letting loose and reducing the pace of their lives. I believe that only when you stop to rush, you start to see the beauty of life.

Stand still and look up to the sky for a sec, do you see the range of blues and how the tones are fading towards the horizon? Lay down for a few minutes close your eyes and truly listen to the sounds that are surrounding you. Look at the face of the person you love for a moment, see how the eyebrows are curved beautifully, how the smiles left small wrinkles and how the nostrils are slowly moving in the rhythm of the breath. Hold your child for a while and feel the warmth and the amazing and unique mixture of peace and pure energy that lays in it's small body. In these moments you realize that slowing down makes time expand proportionally, instants seem to last forever and their intensity make your heart burst. 

Greatness starts when you STOP...this should be the subtitle of this blog...And my mantra for every day...