wooden box

Creative Afternoon #3

Most of my joy and wish for crafting comes from my mother and the many many projects she did with us. Specially for birthdays of family members, she always had ideas about nice presents to create with us. So it was quite natural that when the birthdays of all of Alva's grand-parents came up (they were all born within the same two month) i searched for small projects i could do with him. 

It's not quite easy to find something suitable for a toddler to create and enjoyable/useful for a parent to receive...Alva loves to scribble around with paint and brushes. The result of it is often a baby covered in colors and a white paper, but he enjoys it so much that i let him. So i thought to work with his joy of scribbling.

What you need for this DIY:

- A wooden box or any other wooden object that you think fit (mirror with wooden frame or picture frame, pin-board, terracotta plant pot, ect...) - I got a simple box with a small locker at a craft store.

- Acrylic paint - I used two different colors but you could use as many as you like and do a JacksonPollock type of box

- A medium sized flat paint brush and a medium sized round paint brush

- Any kind of protective layer for the table you will do the project on

- A piece of white or colored paper (A4 size is perfect)

- Eventually clear lacquer (if you like a glossy finish) but careful, lacquer is toxic and should NEVER get into the hands of your child - i personally don't use lacquer because i don't like the smell of it and i prefer the natural look of the matte finish...

1. Cover the table you are working on with some kind of protective layer.

2. Paint the box in the color of your liking. Let it dry for several hours and make sure that the paint is entirely dry before you go to the next step. If your kid is old enough, maybe he/she can do this step on their own with your help. (You could of course also skip this step and let your kid paint on the natural wood).

3. Let the fun part begin. Put some clothes on your toddler that you don't mind getting dirty, (or take all the clothes off him/her)... Show how to dip the brush in the paint and make a first stroke on the box, then hand off the brush to your kid and let them do whatever they choose to do. eventually turn the box slightly to make them paint on all surfaces more or less equally.

4. Since the painting of the box is probably done pretty quickly, get a piece of paper ready so your kid can continue to paint without getting frustrated. In the meanwhile, put the box away to a safe place to dry over night.

5. Once dry eventually apply the layer of lacquer. This should be done by YOU and never by your kid!!!

6. Finished is the birthday present...Maybe you can even use a piece of the extra paper you gave your kid to paint on as a matching birthday card.