The 52 Project

This year it took me 3 weeks to decide if to join Jodi’s awesome 52 project again or not. By now, you probably noticed that i am not the most consistent blogger. Humhum…

In the last year i often tried to get the perfect picture and then got really frustrated with my half backed shots. In the beginning of the year, i had big projects of finally getting to work with a real camera, I harassed Ohad to teach me about light and shutter speed. In the end, most of the shots ended up being done with my iphone camera since this was what i had at hand. This year i am starting without all those big expectations. I will try to post a picture every week but i will not put everyone under pressure “because it’s saturday and tomorrow i need to post a picture so please be cooperative and look at the camera”.

I hope i will get awesome pictures to share with you, even if it will not be “on time” every week.